Balance/Fall Prevention

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Our therapists are skilled in identifying and treating a variety of conditions that may cause balance and gait dysfunctions. There are two groups of factors that influence a person's risk for falling. They are external and internal factors. The external factors relate to the environment a person lives in. A home that possesses an unsafe living environment may lead to serious injuries due to falls. Also included in these external factors are lack of or wrong choice of ambulatory aid, and improper footwear. Our therapists will help identify these factors and offer advice on making the appropriate changes to enhance your safety.
Internal factors are the diseases or conditions that can affect the cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular and skeletal systems. Examples of these include but are not limited to: Parkinson's disease, dementia, strokes or CVA's, neuropathies, arthritis, syncope, diabetes, and vestibular disorders. To balance and prevent falls we rely on a complex interrelationship of three sensory/nervous systems: vision, vestibular (inner ear), and somatosensory or spatial orientation. When these systems decline or are altered, sensory input is reduced creating an altered environment and the body's righting reaction time is slowed. This decreases the body's ability to respond to a loss of balance. A person may also be at an increased risk for falling if they have weakened muscles, stiff joints, or poor endurance. Our therapists will evaluate each patient to help determine the cause of their balance and gait disorder and customize a treatment to help improve their condition. If you are at a risk for falling it's imperative to act now and start a personalized fall prevention program. Please call our office with questions about scheduling an appointment to be evaluated and to start your gait and fall prevention program.

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