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               Sterlington Commons, 135 Third St., Bldg. 4, Unit 12, Greenport, NY 11944
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                           Hours for Medical Gym are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm


In an effort to promote wellness, health, injury and disease prevention on the North Fork, Brian Arm Physical Therapy has combined the science of medicine with the science of fitness to offer you programs designed to help get and/or keep you fit while preventing injuries and improving your quality of life. These programs are designed specifically for those people who may have medical complications such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, history of orthopedic injuries and surgeries, and require fitness programs and wellness programs in a closely monitored and safe environment.


Programs offered:



Fitness/Gym program:  Each member will have a personal fitness evaluation from one of our certified personal trainers, certified senior strength trainers, or physical therapists. Vital signs will be tested, objective fitness measurements will be obtained, and goals will be set. Clearance will be obtained from your physician to ensure your safety with participating. Together with one of our experts a fitness program will be custom created to meet your personal goals. The member will have full access to all of our fitness equipment with freedom to use during our hours of operation. Every 3 months the member will be re-evaluated to measure progress and re-evaluate their fitness. 

                                                                        NEW! TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT PROGRAM                                
Any patient that plans to come to BAPT for their post-operative total joint replacement physical therapy is able to receive 1 free month of post-operative membership to our medical gym program after discharge from their post-operative physical therapy. After discharge from physical therapy having the 1 month free membership will allow for continuation of the strengthening and ROM exercises to the operative and muscles surrounding it to help ensure a successful outcome following joint replacement..

Physical Therapy Evaluation: Each member is able to schedule a physical therapy evaluation without a physical therapy prescription by utilizing direct access*. Biomechanics, range of motion, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and joint mobility will be evaluated. Treatment will be administered if indicated, and recommendations will be made regarding your condition. This evaluation must be scheduled in advance.  

Physical Therapy treatments including soft tissue and myofascial release/relaxation: Each member will be able to receive physical therapy treatments utilizing direct access*. These treatments may include soft tissue and myofascial release and relaxation by a physical therapist. During the session the therapist will administer treatment and offer advice and answer your questions about your gym/fitness program. Each treatment must be scheduled in advance.

*Direct Access: It is legal in New York State to receive physical therapy without a doctor’s prescription for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first. If continuing treatment is needed you must then see your doctor and obtain a prescription. 


 Fitness/Gym Program: includes initial fitness evaluation, orientation to equipment, open access to the gym, vitals monitored as needed, fitness re-evaluation every 3 months.

         Monthly: $45

         Yearly: $500 (this is a $540 value)

Snow Bird Special: this is ideal for people who are on the north fork for only 6 months and includes full access to the fitness/gym program.

          Six month Special: $255 (this is a $275 value)

Physical Therapy Evaluation: includes 1 physical therapy evaluation by one of our New York State licensed physical therapists. Each evaluation will take 30 to 45 minutes and must be scheduled in advance.

           Each evaluation individually: $75

Physical Therapy treatment with Soft tissue and myofascial release and relaxation: includes one 60 minute session by one of our physical therapists.

              Each session individually: $60

             Five sessions: $275 (this is a $300 value)

             Ten sessions: $500 (this is a $600 value)

All prices subject to change, make sure to call office for current price.

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