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Our skilled therapists are trained in treating many different neurologic conditions by utilizing many different treatment techniques designed to return you back to your previous level of function, whether it is to the work place or safely perform your activities of daily living. To determine the treatments that will be most effective for your condition each patient will first have an in-depth initial evaluation.

During the initial evaluation a thorough history and goals of the patient are obtained. Our therapists will also observe and measure each patient’s specific joint range of motion, joint and muscle circumference, muscular weakness, abnormal movement patterns, biomechanics, gait pattern, balance reactions, muscle flexibility, spasticity, rigidity, sensitivity, reflexes, and safety with their activities of daily living. This information will be used to formulate an individualized treatment program. Some of the treatments that may be used include:

Modalities: this includes ice, heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound designed to decrease pain, inflammation, and scar tissue. Also mechanical traction for cervical and lumbar spines can be used to centralize disc bulges, taking pressure off nerve impingements, and increasing nourishment to injured discs.

Manual Therapies: this includes massage, myofascial release, acupressure, manual distraction/traction, and joint mobilization techniques. These are designed to decrease pain and muscle tone, increase ROM, and improve biomechanical function.

Therapeutic Exercise and Neuromuscular Re-education: a customized therapeutic exercise program will be designed in our state-of-art gym facility and you will be monitored closely to observe your form and vital signs as needed. These exercises will be designed to improved strength, motor control, balance, endurance, functional abilities, and gait training. For more on gait train and balance/fall prevention please click on the tab to the left. 

Education: Our therapists will educate you on a home exercises program to accelerate your recovery and help to prevent future dysfunctions. You will also be educated in modification and tools to aid you in your home environment that may help you maintain your independence and safety.  

Common neurologic conditions that are treated include but are not limited to: parkinson's disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, gait abnormalities, foot drop, nerve impingements or pinched nerves, guillain-barre syndrome, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. If your condition is not listed above please call to inquire how we can help you in your recovery.  

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